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Cheat Codes Specifically Optimized for GENS32 Surreal, and Gens 2.14.


The following Codes are Specifically Designed
for compatibility with emulators: such as GENS, Gens32 2.14, Gens32 Surreal, Fusion, Meka, and many others. We prefer GENS32 SURREAL.

----basic information----:
'Gens' & Sega Genesis are programmed differently from one another.
Thus, 'Gens' codes will not work on Sega Genesis,
or, vice versa.
For more information, see epilogue disclaimer.
All codes have been re-programmed to work on your P.C. !!!

Gaming Codes for GENS (A to C)

Gaming Codes for GENS (D to F)

Gaming Codes for GENS (G to J)

Gaming Codes for GENS (K-to O)

Gaming Codes for GENS (P-thru-S)

Gaming Codes for GENS (T to-Z)

All codes (located on the left) are compatible with your PC !!!!!
Using emulators, such as GENS 2.14, As well as, Gens32 Surreal.
....and, other Sega Genesis emulators for P.C.
All codes without parenthesis are compatible with Gens32 & PC emulation.
All codes in {parenthesis} are compatible with sega genesis (with PAR)
as well as, certain Emulators.

There's also access to the complete list of GameGenie codes for Genesis.
(note: GameGenie codes generally do not translate well to GENS)

---GameGenie for Sega Genesis---

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Below is a short [sample] list of a few memorable codes.
(...for the Complete collection of codes, please refer to the links above).

Notice some Amazing affects which can be achieved.

arcade classics
ff01bb:0002 missle command infinite ammo. switch on
at each level. {ff01baooo2}
ff01c1:0048 +
ff09fe:oooo invincible. centepede.
ff0b5b:0003 lives---for 2 player completion mode
{cartridge FF0b5a0003}
ffob47:0003 lives. regular game {ff0b46ooo3}

ff9441:0000 infinite strikes {FF9440oooo}
ff9440:0003 walk on 1 ball, instead of 4
ffe500:0000 REMOVE THE ANNOYING MUSIC {ffe503oooo}

baseball-cal ripken
ffd3be:0009 start in 9th inning
ffd8ff:0003 power line-up, always 3th batter {ffd900ooo3}
ffd3ba:0000 infinite strikes {ffd3bb oooo}
ffd8ff:0002 try this power line up code

ffff24:0003 3 ball count
ffff26:0000 strikes
ffff2a:0003 power line up {ffff2b 0003}
ffffbc:0013 start in the 13th inning {ffffbd 0013}
{fffc5c ooo1 all hits are home runs, sorry, cartridge users only}
ffff2c:0008 computer has weak line-up {ffff2d ooo8}

baseball- hardball 3
ff2e9booff no 1st baseman: all codes, genesis users only
ff2ed9ooo1 no 2nd baseman
ff2f17ooo1 no shortstop
ff300fooff leftfielder hangs out at 3rd base
ff2fd200ff centerfielder doesn't move
ff2f93ooff no rightfielder
ff2f5500ff no 3rd baseman
ff2f92ooff rightfielder is a blob.
ff2ed9oofo + ff2f17ooff Midgets
Note: you must play as the home team

note: you must play as the visiting team
ff3d58:0000 the shortstop does not move
ff3cc4:0000 the 3rd baseman is not there
ff3c33:0000 second baseman is not there
ff3b9c:00f0 1st baseman cannot go into fair territory

baseball--RBI 3
ff08af:0003 ball count 3
ff0a19:00c0 NO second baseman {ff0a18 00c0}
ff0ef5:0007 seventh inning
ff4c02:0000 strikes
ff4c0c:0000 YOU always bat, both halves of innings
ff09f6:00c0 NO 1st baseman
ff0a3a:00c0 remove the 3rd baseman {ff0a39 00c0}
ff0a61:00ff remove the shortstop {ff0a60 00ff}
ff0a7e:00d0 no left feilder {ff0a7d 00d0}
ff0aa0:00d0 no centerfielder {ffoa9f 00d0}
hey, don't get too greedy!

RBI 93
ff0efd:0005 no 1st baseman
ff0f24:00ee no 2nd baseman
ff0f4c:00ff no 3rd baseman
ff0f74:00ee no shortstop {ff0f75 00ff}
ff0f9c:00ee no leftfielder {ff0f9d ooee}
ff0fc4:00ee no centerfielder {ff0fc5 00ee}

baseball RBI 94
ffd32c:0003 always 4th batter
ffd375:0000 strikes {ffd377 oooo}
ffd377:0000 weird--infinite outs

baseball--sportstalk baseball
ffc40e:0001 motionless shortstop {ffc40e 0000}
ffc40e:0000 non-effective shortstop
ffc40f:0000 shortstop COMPLETELY non effective
fff034:0000 infinite strikes
fff048:0001 you ALWAYS bat, Innings DO increase.
note: you must choose fielder at options
fff04d:000f start game with a sizeable lead
fff04f:0008 9th inning {fff04e:0008}
fff2c5:001f start a 30 game season just 1 win from
world series. {fff2c4 001f}
fff1f0:0003 only 1 win is needed to be world
champions.. and it's a nice ending too.
season codes tested with new york Mets.
Note: these codes do not work on the game wizard.

ffcaac:0010 shortstop throws ball slowly, and
he can't catch flys
ffcaa4:0010 1st baseman throws slowly
ffcaa8:0010 2nd baseman throws slowly
ffcab4:0010 easy to steal bases on catcher
ffcab8:0010 pitcher doesn't hold runners very well
ffcabc:0010 right fielder throws slowly
ffcaco:0010 centerfielder throws slowly
ffcac4:0010 left fielder throws slowly.
Note: change suffix digits to change your results.\
example: ffcaac:0020 shortstop throws VERY slow
ffcaac:0040 shortstop throws TOO slow

baseball---tommy lasorda
ffe0a0:0002 INCREDIBLE--the ball lingers whenever
being thrown to a base. {FFE0A1 ooo2}
ffeoao:000 weird,ball hovers in air for very long time
ffe124:0008 ninth inning {ffe125 0008}
ffe126:0000 strikes
ffe132:005f start with sizeable lead {FFE133 005f}
ffff8c:002a start in the WORLD SERIES {ffff8d 002a}
ffffaa:0004 start with 4 wins in the world series
{ffffAB 0004}

baseball --world series
ffa35a:0002 power line up... always 4th batter{ffa35b}

baseball---world series 95
ffe522:0000 always the 1st batter {ffe523 0000}

baseball---world series 98
ffa382:0000 strikes {ffa383 oooo}
ffa383:0003 ball count 3. {ffa382 ooo3}

fff403:0001 jump until you release the button {FFF405 ooo1}
fff447:0255 invincible {fff446:00ff}
ffff42:001b start at final scene {ffff43:001b}
ffff42:0005 level 2
0009 level 3
000d level 4
0017 level 5

championship pro am
ff02ff:0009 start on level 11
ff0655:0050 weird, always drive 80 mph
ff067f:0000 green car DOES NOT MOVE
ff06a9:oooo yellow car DOES NOT MOVE
ff06d3:0000 blue car DOES NOT MOVE
ff06fd:0000 SILVER car does not move
ff0727:0000 Purple car Does Not move
ff056f:0007 infinite rockets
these Championship pro am codes do not work on
genesis cartidges, ***the codes only work on GEN emulator.

ff014e:0003 start on level 4
ff2f28:0001 invincible
ff0154:0004 lives

football-joe montana football
ffc6ce:0001 always 1st down {ffc6cf ooo1}
ffcf66:0003 start in the Super Bowl, when you choose
play-offs. {ffcf67 0003}

football-joe montana 2
ff88ba:0003 4th quarter {ff88bb ooo3}
ff88c4:0001 1st down
ff801e:0013 start in the SUPER BOWL !
....choose league, new season. {ff801f oo13}
{ff801f ooo4} { play in the snow. must press reset first.}
{cartridge users only}

football-john madden 92
ffdco8:0001 1st down {ffdc09 ooo1}
ffe880:0003 4th quarter {ffe881 ooo3}
ffe93a:0003 start in the Super Bowl, when you choose new
playoffs.. {ffe39b ooo3}

football- john madden 93
ffe0f0:0003 start in the 4th quarter {ffeoef ooo3}
ffe1aa:0003 SUPER BOWL , choose new playoffs {ffe1a9 ooo3}

football madden 94
ffdc7e:0001 1st down {ffdc7f ooo1}

football madden 95
ffdca2:0004 always 4th down, computer must punt
{ffdca3 ooo4}

football-madden 96
ffdc16:0001 1st down {ffdc17 ooo1}

football-madden 98
ffd776:0001 1st down {ffd777 ooo1}

football-mutant league
ffe1e7:0003 start in the super bowl , choose playoffs at
options. {ffe1e6 ooo3}
fff4f1:0009 infinite time on playclock {fff4f0 ooo9}
fffd52:0001 1st down {fffd53 ooo1}
fffd5a:0003 time outs {fffd5b ooo3}
note- some of the above codes work better on
2 player games.
fffd5f:0002 check this out,,,,turbo charged running.
when you have ball, simply press "C" twice.

football-NFL quarterback club **
ff2da6:0001 1st down {ff2da7 ooo1}

football--pro Quarterback
ff0b42:0003 4th quarter

ff0179 ooee {avoid the rush, sorry, cartridge users only}
ff0162:0003 4th quarter {ff0163 ooo3}
ff018e:0001 1st down {ff018f ooo1}
ff0190:0000 weird, get 1st down, even if you lose yardage
ff0179 oooo weird, lots of fumbles
ff0191:0070 weird, computer can never get 1st down.
lst and long.... 1st and 115 yards to go.
ff01ec:0000 weird, computer always throws to the ground
ff0228:00ff SUPER KICKING ABILITY. KICK field goals from
65 yards out. {ff0229 ooff}

ff33d4:0003 when switch is up, it's 4th down
ff33d5:0003 4th quarter {ff33d4 ooo3}

football- tecmo super bowl 3------excellent
ff35de:0003 4th down {ff35df ooo3}
ff35de:0000 1st down
{ff803a ooo6} {mystery code, cartridge users only}

football-troy aikman
ff05e8:0001 1st down {ffo5e9 ooo4}

football--walsh college FB
(not walsh 95}
ffdc68:0001 1st down {ffdc69 ooo1}
ffe704:0003 + start in the CHAMPIONSHIP !
ffe706:0000 (choose season) {ffe705ooo3+ffe70......}

football-NFL 93 j.montana
ff8030:0013 SUPER BOWL (choose league) {cart ff8031 oo13}
ff8c82:0004 4th quarter {ff8c7f ooo4}
ff8c8c:0001 infinite downs. use it, man! {ff8c89 ooo1}

football-NFL 94 JMontana
ff8c88:0004 4th quarter {ff8c89 ooo4}
ff8c92:0001 1st down {ff8c93 0001}

football-NFL 95 -JM
ff2e0c:0001 1st down

football-NFL 98
ff2a90:0001 1st down {ff2a91 ooo1}

hit the ice
ffd456:0040 you have no goally {ffd456 oo40}
ffd4f0:00f0 NO COMUTER GOALLY {ffd4f1 oofo}
fffa02:0002 3rd period {fffa03 ooo2}

hockey--hit the ice
ffd456:0040 you have no goally {ffd456 oo40}
ffd4f0:00f0 NO COMUTER GOALLY {ffd4f1 oofo}
fffa02:0002 3rd period {fffa03 ooo2}

Hockey: mario lemioux
ff0f04:0004 your goally does not attend goal
{ff0f04 ooo4 + ff0f17 oofo NO goally, cartridge version}
ff0f16:00f0 weird, invisible goally. but effective
ff11ef:0004 ineffective COMPUTER GOALLY !!! he doens't attend goal.
{ff11e2 ooo4 + ff11f0 ooo4 NO computer goally for cartridge users}
ff1eda:0002 start in the 3rd period {ff1edb ooo2}

hockey-Mutant league
ffbo77:0003 3rd period {ffb076 ooo3}
ffb646:0010 weird, you have only 4 players
ffb6d1:0030 you have No goally {ffB6D0 oo30}
ffbb00:0010 computer has only 4 guys {ffBB01:0010}
Note: computer goally sometimes appears in 2nd period
ffb125:0000 computer turns into monster, then explodes.

Hockey---NHL all-star
ff5a98:00A6 {ff5a99 ooa6} NO COMPUTER GOALLY !!!!
{ff5ab1 ooa6--you have no goally, cartridge users}

hockey-NHL easn---(the one with fights)
ffd8e6:0002 3rd period {ffD8E7 ooo2}
ffd905:00fb weird, ultra power play. play against san jose.
you choose visitor. san jose has NO players
ffd906:0001 he's got noone except a goally
:0003 he's got 2 guys and a goally
:000D six versus 1....... weird!
ffd908:0002 You have No goaltender {ffD909 ooo2}
ffD990:0002 COMPUTER HAS NO GOAL TENDER {ffd991 ooo2}
ffda82:0003 + Start in the Stanley Cup Finals !! {ffda83 ooo3}
ffda84:0000 ** note--choose new playoffs, or best of 7.{ffda85 oooo}

hockey--NHL 93
ffc332:0002 3rd period {ffc333 ooo2}
ffc50a:0004 you have only 3 players {ffc50b ooo4}
ffc50c:00ff you have no goally {ffc50d ooff}
ffc6ac:0004 computer has only 3 players {FFC6AD ooo4}
ffc6ae:00ff COMPUTER HAS NO GOAL TENDER!!!!! {ffc6af ooff}
ffc980:0003 +
---Start in the STANLEY CUP FINALS {FFC981ooo3+FFC983oooo}
note:choose new series or best of 7

hockey --NHL 94... david higgins names: NHL 94 on sega CD....the
greatest hockey game ever!
ffc6f4:00ff you have no goally {ffc6f5 ooff}
ffca58:00ff COMPUTER HAS NO GOAL TENDER {ffca59 ooff}
ffc466:0002 3rd period {ffc467 ooo2}

hockey--NHL 95
ffc2ae:00ff you have no goally {ffc2af ooff}

Hockey-NHL 96
ffc74c:00ff you have no goally {FFC74D ooFF}

hockey-NHL 97
ffc758:00ff you have no goally {ffc759 ooff}

ff8090:0000 Always serve {ff8091 oooo}

VECTORMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FFE878:0004 ENERGY
FFE8A9:0008 LEVEL SELECT MENU {FFE8A8 ooo8} simply press "A" at
ffe8e3:0003 weapons {ffe8a4 ooo3}

VECTORMAN 2 **************************************************************
ffe9ba:0003 invincible {ffe9bb ooo3}
ffe9be:0007 lives {ffe9bf ooo9}
ffED02:0008 LEVEL SELECT MENU!!! simply pause game, then
simultaneously press start + down. {ffed03 ooo8}


zombies ate my neighbors
fffa46:0005 energy {fffa47 ooo5}
fffa90:0002 fast running shoes, when you press "C" button
fffc6a:0001 instant level exit
fffa74:0005 energy for player 2 {fffa75:0005}

all codes throughout this page are -original !!
-------there are NO exceptions.
all codes created by Seth S.
From the Literary work entitled:
Most Comprehensive Cheat code Collection ever (1985-1995).
copyright 2002. Renewed 2009.

I did not borrow any codes contained herein, unless noted.
(just a few AR archives).
all other codes (99.99% were created by myself, Seth S.)
also, if you find any glitches, or
codes which don't work... please contact me.

all codes listed are compatible with the GENS emulator.
all codes in {parenthesis} are compatible with the
action replay pro, and game wizard for sega genesis.

The GENS emulator is the primary code focus.
Gens codes and Genesis codes are NOT interchangeable.
(I originally created codes using the AR PRo on Sega Genesis.
However, was necessary to re-write each and every code,
in order to gain compatibility with the GENS Emulator.

I also included roughly a dozen Game Genie codes (from Codemasters)
for games which are not compatible with Gens codes.

Please note: I am still working on a finalized list.
which includes corrections which have not yet been made, here.



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